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More Ink Pads

We can supply just the replacement text die for your existing plastic cased self-inking stamps. We can either send a self-adhesive die for you to fit yourself, or you may return the machine to us for fitting. We strongly recommend you also replace the pad at this time. We will always fit a new ink pad when fitting a new die to your existing machine.

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Ink Pads Endorsing Ink
High quality pads ready-inked with water - based endorsing ink. Suitable for use with rubber stamps on card and paper. Available in four sizes and four colours. All sizes available in red, black, blue or green.
Code Size Price  
PD1 85x50mm £2.95  
PD2 105x65mm £3.50  
PD3 155x85mm £6.25  
PD4 175x125mm £7.95  
Ink Pads Dry Felt
High quality felt pads suitable for use with any type of ink. Available in five sizes.
Code Size Price  
PDF2 105x65mm £3.95  
PDF3 130x100mm £8.75  
PDF4 215x105mm £13.95  
PDF5 214x140mm £20.75  
PDF6 295x215mm £36.75  
Ink Pads Metallic
Raised pad allows use with stamps of all sizes. Suitable for stamping paper, card etc. Available in silver and gold. Size:75x44mm
Code Colour Price  
PDGOLD Gold £7.50  
PDSILVER Silver £7.50  
Ink Pads Pigmented
Fun stamping tool gives crystal clear impressions. Suitable for both novice and experts crafters. Drying formula makes the impression ideal for embossing. Will dry on any surface that is not coated. Acid free, fade resistant and user friendly. Conforms to EN71. Easy stack design box. Foam size: 75x45mm (raised foams allows use with rubber stamps of any sizes). Made in the UK. Available in 30 colours as a single, twin or tri colour pad.
Code Description Price  
PDPIG1 Single £3.50  
PDPIG2 Twin £3.75  
PDPIG3 Tri £3.95  


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